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Outperform the Market With Access to Real-time and Historical Data Insights

We developed Calibrate to give our clients access to better insights.

Our digital capabilities and team of analysts will provide you with the performance insights you need to make quicker and more effective decisions.

Real-Time Data

We have developed a dynamic forecasting model for real-time performance, producing up to date performance metrics that allow rate changes in real time to improve Binder performance immediately. Calibrate monitors the type of claim and the claim professionals to guarantee better results for our clients, making sure that profits and success are at their best.

Proven Results

Leeson Calibrate has a track record of success. We identified underperforming problem sectors in the client's Binders in order for them to apply the appropriate Rate. In addition, the system identifies performance risks, allowing for enhanced customer book calibration. The results from year to year speak for themselves.

Customers Using Our Services